General health measures
  • People must work from home, unless it is vital that you work on site.
  • When indoors in a public place, wear a face mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Everyone in the Netherlands who has symptoms of COVID-19 can apply for a test. If you or one of your employees starts having complaints that correspond with the coronavirus symptoms, stay at home and apply for a test. If you test positive, aid the GGD with their contact tracing.
  • There are travel restrictions in place for travel into the Netherlands. Travellers from the UK, South-Africa or any of the South-American countries may not enter the Netherlands. Travellers from other countries can only enter the Netherlands if they can show two negative test results: from a corona test and a ‘rapid test’. After arival in the Netherlands you or your guest must quarantine for ten days, also when the test results were negative. Border workers are mostly exempt. Read the article for detailed information.
  • The government urges everyone not to travel outside the Netherlands until (at least) 15 May 2021, unless it is vital for your business.

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