Lockdown in the Netherlands

23 March: lockdown and curfew remain

The lockdown in the Netherlands, including the curfew, has been extended through 20 April 2021. The curfew will be in place from 22:00-04:30h from 1 April onwards. This was announced during the 23 March press conference.

These lockdown measures remain in place:

  • Groups with a maximum of four people aged 27 or over can engage in outdoor sports activities that are organised by a sports organisation.
  • All indoor sport facilities must remain closed.
  • Persons younger than 27 may take part in team sports outdoors. This includes student sports clubs. They may not play competition matches.
  • Secondary schools and vocational education (MBO) can open for at least 1 day a week. Elementary schools and childcare are open.
  • Universities, other vocational education and out-of-school facilities remain closed and must continue to offer online education.
  • Businesses that perform a contact profession, such as hairdressers, beauticians and chiropractors, as well as medical contact profession businesses, such as dentists and physical therapists, are open. Sex workers cannot resume their work.
  • Non-essential stores may offer shopping on appointment and a click & collect service. In shops with a floor space of 50m2, 2 people per timeslot are allowed, with a minimum of 10 minutes in the shop. Larger shops can allow one client per 25m2, with a maximum of 50 people per time slot. Shoppers need to make an appointment 4 hours prior to visiting the shop, and shopkeepers must send them a confirmation that details the time and rules.
  • Essential shops allowed to remain open are: supermarkets, other food stores, opticians, laundromats and dry-cleaners, pharmacies and drugstores, pet stores, petrol stations, food markets, workshops for repair and maintenance of consumer goods and (motor) vehicles, shops for care and welfare aids, outdoor stalls that sell flowers and plants, wholesalers, service points for receiving and sending letters and parcels. Find more information about the rules for shops (in Dutch).
  • Customers who use a shop’s click and collect service must have placed their orders at least 4 hours prior to collecting. They cannot come into the shop, nor may you sell them any other products on the spot. If you also offer repairs or a parcel service, customers may drop off their repair items or parcels at the pick-up time. All safety precautions apply. Read more about rules for shops.
  • Banks, city halls and funeral parlours are open.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed at funerals is 50.
  • Theatres, cinemas and other cultural institutions remain closed.
  • All other public venues, such as saunas, casinos, and zoos remain closed.
  • Libraries may still open for lending and returning books.
  • Community centres may still open to provide services to vulnerable people.
  • Hotels are allowed to stay open, but may not serve food.
  • People are urgently requested to stay at home as much as possible and preferably not to receive visitors. A maximum of one visitor (aged 13 or over) is allowed, both outside and inside. Outdoors: groups of no more than 2 persons from different households.
  • Public transport is for essential travel only. Do not book any foreign travel up until and including 15 May, and do not travel abroad.
  • Air travel from South Africa and all Middle- and South American countries is banned. Travellers from other countries need to be able to show 2 negative Covid-19 test results, as well as observe a 10-day quarantine period.
  • Face masks are compulsory for public indoor spaces.

Read the latest press release on Government.nl to find more details about the 23 March press conference. Or check out the roadmap that details the necessary measures, according to the gravity of the situation.

These are national rules. Be aware that safety regions may impose additional rules. These regional rules are determined by the head of the safety region, and vary according to what is most needed in that area. Find your safety region (in Dutch).


A curfew (avondklok‘) is in place in the Netherlands. Until and including 31 March, the curfew times are from 21:00 hours – 04:30 hours. From 1 through 20 April,the hours are 22:00 hours – 04:30 hours. There are some exceptions to the curfew rule: for instance for medical emergencies, work, and walking the dog. In most cases, you need to show a self declaration and an employer’s declaration. For more information, check the article Curfew, employer’s declaration and your company.

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